A New Start

Life isn’t easy and starting over is rough. One morning you are going along with your life, having the same routines over and over again when something happens and you have to change what you’re use to. It’s a process. First, your mind has to wrap around it. “Okay, we are not doing this the way we did it yesterday.” It usually takes a few times for it to finally be wrapped around… “No, it’s changed. We do it this way now…” “Gosh, this is frustrating, but I’m going to get the hang of it….” “Patience is not my strong point…” “Oh, look at that. It’s getting easier. I’m doing it this way now.” “Look at me go!”

I’m sure many of you understand where I’m coming from. It could be a new job. It could be you’re going through a divorce. Or maybe someone in your life passed away. It all involves changing what you are use to. It usually doesn’t just involve those changes, but also a great deal of emotions. There’s uncertainty. There’s questioning. The biggest question is usually “how am I going to do this?” But day by day, you do it. You get through it. There might be a support system that helps you through while others are faced to handle the challenges alone.

New starts might start as feeling like a curse and turn into a blessing. The unknown, the uncertainty of what’s to come will be short-lived. I hope for every new start you face, you’ll find the blessing within.



June was good. July was hot. Tomorrow is… August! Where did the summer go?! I’m not even a kiddo in school and feel like this summer just flew right on by. There’s school shopping to do and preparing for new experiences at the junior high coming up in August. I have anxiety, I’ll admit. My one and only is going into 7th grade. I remember the day he was born, we had a blizzard. I remember him calling me Mummum. He hated to be dirty or have his nails clipped. Kindergarten was a battle of wits. I thought I’d break, he thought I’d break and not sending him any more. But we got through it. After that, a love of school blossomed. And then I wasn’t Mummum any more, but just plain Mom. And friends became more interesting than me.

He’s excited for the junior high. Excited! I hated the junior high. I pray he keeps being excited and does well. Above all, I want him to be happy. Yes, it’d be nice if he grows up to have a great job making great money, a beautiful home and family. But none of that really matters if he isn’t happy. I want his school days to be filled with excitement, making new friends, and excited for the next day. I want him to learn who he is and what brings him the most joy. I want him to be free from bullies and to stand up for those who aren’t so lucky. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know I will try to help him find his happiness any way I can. I will never be one of those parents excited to see their child returning to school, but I am happy he’s excited to return to school. 

I wish blessings on all the kiddos returning to school, mine included. I pray for a great year with happiness and fond memories being created. I pray for the parents who are going through a transition with their children, starting school, new school, new area. You got this Mom, you got this Dad. And all the youth out there, you really got this. 

Life is too short

Life is too short…

To worry about the rain

To cry over spilled milk

To stress over things you can’t change

To judge others

To be miserable

To overthink

To over-analyze

To waste minutes away fighting about nothing

To hold grudges

Life is too short to waste it on anything that doesn’t make you happy or bring you joy. Hold loved ones close, treasure what you have, and cherish these moments because once they’re gone, they are gone. 





Listen to the beat, hear the words


Music is amazing. It really is. I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t enjoy music, but lets face it, most people enjoy music of some sort. Some might just like to tune into instrument, others rock and roll, and even polka music. I feel like a good song can touch your mind and your heart. It can pick you up when you feel down, motivate you when you don’t want to keep going, and express yourself when you can’t find the words. Currently, I’m obsessed with Avril Lavigne’s song, Head Above Water, and also Pink’s Walk Me Home. Anything motivational and upbeat seems to hit the spot for me. I’m quite excited that Avril seems to be coming back. Is it just me or was she MIA for a while? Anyhow. Her new material is excellent. Pink’s material is always excellent. 

Back in March, I think I have a post on it, I went to see the Toby Mac Hits Deep Tour. You want to feel music in your soul, go to a Christian concert. There is no rage, there is no negativity. The air just pulses with positive energy. I’ve also been to a few country music concerts. I love concerts at this point. I love the energy, I love the people moving and singing along. I’m sure there are performers out there that just don’t put on a good show, but I’ve been lucky and have had an awesome time at any concert. I always leave smiling and just feeling good. 

I’m having a rough day today and have been listening to music all day. It helps. The right music helps. Singing along, though I can’t sing, and moving around. I suggest it to anyone having a bad day. Need some suggestions on what to listen to? I have plenty! My top 10 artists are below:

  1. Pink
  2. Avril Lavigne
  3. We Are Messengers
  4. Toby Mac
  5. Kelly Clarkson
  6. Jordan Feliz
  7. Carrie Underwood
  8. Blake Shelton
  9. Disturbed (threw you off on that one didn’t I?)
  10. Josh Gallagher (give him time, he’s gonna be big!)


Change in this world needs to happen. Greed and power hurt, but we see so much of it. Why not reach out, why not do more with your life? You have money? Help others who don’t. Own a company and make millions? Pay your employees fairly. Want to make a difference? Do it. Volunteer, donate, help. Follow the good, extinguish the bad.